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S.D.V. Public School
Nathupur Road, Kurthaul (on NH 83)
Near of Parsa Bazar Station
Patna :: 800053

About Us

The school is situated at Nathupur Road, kurthaul, patna-53. This place is free from hustle and bustle of town, having peaceful and natural environment most suited to study, games and personality development of children. Garden and playgroung of the School are special attraction.

1. The school is utterly committed to achieve and maintain higher academic excellence for the children to enable them to complete in All India Competitive Examination.
2. To achieve the aforesaid goal, the school has unique approach to unfold the hidden faculty of the children with the help of adequately qualified teachers, nutritious and balanced diet, suitable clothes, beneficial instructive books, congenial natural environment backed up by yoga, Meditation and above all ideal teachers-students relationship in environment of love and affection.
3. The School is serious and sincere in all round development, in other words total revolution of the heart, mind and body of the children to bring forth the best in them by making them more and more sensitive and open to the nature, environment, fellow – felling ,society and the whole world. To achieve this they are kept in close touch with plant, flowers, games and human relationships in their day to day life.

The Medium of Instruction
1st stage Emphasis is on fundamental.
2st stage preparation of +2 syllabus.
3st stage preparation of Engineering & Medical.

1. The medium of instruction is English or Hindi as per the parents choice and performance of the students in the test for admission. But English has been retained as medium of instruction for teaching subjects like science mathematics in all classes.
2. Method of teaching in K.G. classes – toys, echogames, strips and object lesson.
3. Process : Materials use touching, tasting smelling, Hearing, speaking, throwing, pronouncing etc.